Featured Pictures

Fabulous Faux

This luxurious master bath will definitely take you away… perhaps maybe France?

French Country Faux

Oh mon, faux bois!

These beams are actually plain ol’ drywall in disguise.

Living Room

Move over Maya

This kitchen soffit needed something luxurious, so glass beads and metallics were used and now the light just dances.

kitchen makeover

Paint and Plaster…..all grown up.

This cool blue concept dining area uses paint and has an accent of venetian plaster with a modern twist.

modern venetian plaster

Palazzo Royale

Fit for royalty. Authentic custom venetian and intonacho lime plasters used to create a winning ceiling for their exquisite decor.

custom venetian plaster

Art marry’s Italian plaster.

Boudoire fantastique. Authentic lime plaster becomes a part of this master bedroom. But wait there’s more. Sculpted porcelain flowers were installed strategically throughout making the walls works of art.

true lime plaster

Would you Carmen Bolo?

Sounds like a flamenco dance, but it’s really a fabulous finish using glass and metallics to make the kitchen light up.

glass beads and metallics

Tara! Home

Home that’s where i’ll go. Up the stairs and around the sidewalk on my new concrete overlay that was made to match the homes existing stone and mason work.

Front Porch and Sidwalk